A place to move mindfully.


In a second you’ll be in awe, in a minute you’ll be speechless and after a session you won’t want to leave.

The Body Method was brought to life in 2015 after noticing a gap where functional, mindful, meaningful movement lies and that of the un-motivating, dated, white walled clinics. Our holistic approach to wellness has shifted the industry, we bring together mindfully curated studios in combination with modern functional movement. Our classes are small and intimate because we care about your form and your technique. Our bodies are our space for life and at any given point can flourish or fumble. Our bodies must be cared for, nurtured, but also tested to ensure we are capable to deal with life’s stresses – with strength and efficiency. The Body Method Studios are about functional movements that are combined with corrective training. We encourage a balance of musculature strength and flexibility with minimal joint stress, working those stabilising muscles you never knew existed. Physical therapy and bio-mechanics form the basis of all our workouts, they have a heavy influence on our bottom line – quality over quantity. At The Body Method we’re focused on doing things right and building on our foundations.

One step into our studios and you're greeted with our signature vibe of warmth, compassion and knowledge. We truly believe the place is just as important as the practice, and we encourage you to arrive early and leave late. Sip on the naturopathic and therapeutic properties of Totum Tea or be refreshed with a glass of coconut water post practice, you'll be floating out of the studio eagerly ready to schedule your next class.

Studio Snapshot

Tugun Studio - Our one of a kind Tugun studio offers Studio Pilates which is a hybrid of fitness based and clinical style classes. We fit snuggly in the middle where we have adapted our own signature movement. Our clients love our Tugun Studio Pilates because they want to workout, sweat, move, get strong, get flexible and find balance without having to enter a gym or a studio where you're squished in like sardines. Our group sessions have a maximum of five clients. Want a more individualised approach? We also have Semi Private Pilates and Private Pilates where you work even closer with your instructor to reach and sustain your goals. 

Cornerstone Studio - Our treetop studio, nestled amongst the gumtrees, houses our mat class studio. Here we have Pilates, Barre', Yoga, ModFIT, BoxFIT and Meditation practices. Here we do it all - we've got the mats, the props, the Totum Tea, the coconut water, the ability to change your world. *Can't guarantee that last one, but we'll get pretty damn close. While you're at Cornerstone Stores, it’s a must to check out the rest of the stores, curated goods, and the best health conscious cafe on the coast!