Upcoming Workshops


Pre/Post Natal Yoga Workshop

Postponed until the new year

Cornerstone Studio with Emma Lamberton 

We invite you to a two hour workshop to explore and enjoy the benefits of Pre/Post Natal yoga.

Guiding you through the benefits of correct breathing techniques, safe ways to practice each of the asanas/poses which will all lead to increased strength and flexibility and deep relaxation for you and your baby.

The first hour will be spent going through a gentle yoga class, the following hour will be a combination of specific breathing techniques, establishing your own mind body connection and creating personalised sequences for you to practice at home.


Advanced/Intermediate Equipment Workshop

15th december, 2018

12pm - 2pm

Tugun Studio with sarah Callaham

Ever wondered if this crazy Pilates repertoire ever ends?? Well here's a chance to take a look at how far it can really go! Over this 2 hour workshop, we will have the opportunity to work through some of the advanced exercises performed on the reformer, trap table, chair, and ladder barel. This is not only to understand the progressions of the exercises we do in class, but also to gain a new found appreciation for what our bodies can accomplish. Come with an open mind, a can-do attitude, and be ready to tackle fun and exciting new challenges. This is an advanced class and not recommended for those with shoulder or spinal injuries/pain.

Pre requisite:  You will need to attend at least one of Sarah's classes 2 weeks prior to the workshop so she can have an idea of how your body moves.  Please book via our TBM app.