Upcoming Workshops


SENSE - A Mini Retreat for Women

Date: Saturday the 4th of may

Time: 11am - 3.30pm

cornerstone Studio with Kelly and Kaylie FROM Retreat Life


Breath, movement, stillness, sound, taste - engage and strengthen all of your special senses in a mini retreat on the Gold Coast with Kelly Dalby, Perth based Holistic Health Coach together with Retreat Life. 

Enjoy a gentle, nourishing movement experience, an energising locally produced meal, and a beautiful sound bath to reconnect with your S E L F and remember the importance of your place in the world.

You are invited to journey with us over a half day experience at the beautiful urban santuary at The Body Method, Cornerstone Stores.

This is ideal for any woman. From the busy modern day woman to mums to friends to mums and daughters sharing together. 

You will also enjoy:

// A wellness gift pack to nourish your senses

// Lunch and refreshments included

Don't miss this opportunity. Limited spaces strictly available due to boutique setting.

Book by 21 April to go into the early booking draw for a Retreat Life wellness box valued at $100 worth of goodness.


Managing Stress Mindfully Workshop

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

cornerstone Studio with RHYS IBBOTT

Join Rhys for an interactive workshop in which we explore ways of better managing our stress so it doesn’t interfere with the quality of our personal and professional lives. During the workshop Rhys will touch on the stress related health battles he has faced and how he managed to overcome them. But more importantly he will give you a number of practical applications that you can use in your daily life to better manage stress, with mindfulness being the key component.


Introduction to Mat Pilates Workshop


time: tbc

cornerstone Studio with narelle hobbs

For those brand new or somewhat new to Pilates, this is the class that will introduce you to the magic.

This workshop focuses on the technique required to perform basic exercises correctly and effectively. We will cover the most essential elements: breathing, abdominal engagement and postural alignment, followed by the relative exercises so you can feel the isolations and engagements for yourself.

This is a great space to openly ask any questions you may have about the exercises themselves, or about the intricate muscles we'll be targeting.  You will leave with a greater understanding of your body and Pilates, and will find that these basic exercises and engagements will have you applying them to every day life!

Prerequisite: Welcome women during first trimester with GP clearance.


Introduction to Yoga Workshop

date: tbc

date: tbc

cornerstone Studio with Iveta Rackova

Info coming soon


Advanced/Intermediate Equipment Workshop

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Tugun Studio with Sarah Callaham

Ever wondered if this crazy Pilates repertoire ever ends?? Well here's a chance to take a look at how far it can really go! Over this 2 hour workshop, we will have the opportunity to work through some of the advanced exercises performed on the reformer, trap table, chair, and ladder barel. This is not only to understand the progressions of the exercises we do in class, but also to gain a new found appreciation for what our bodies can accomplish. Come with an open mind, a can-do attitude, and be ready to tackle fun and exciting new challenges. This is an advanced class and not recommended for those with shoulder or spinal injuries/pain.

Pre requisite:  You will need to attend at least one of Sarah's classes 2 weeks prior to the workshop so she can have an idea of how your body moves.  Please book via our TBM app.