Class Types


Semi-Private Pilates 

Our Semi-Private Pilates classes allows you the individualised programming of a private session but in a small group setting. These sessions are designed for clients who prefer a more individualised approach, are recovering from injury or are pre or post natal. These classes combine therapeutic and remedial exercises to help you achieve your specific needs and goals.

Our Semi-Private Pilates classes can help anyone with:
Lower back pain
Neck pain/headaches
Shoulder pain
Knee pain
Pre and post surgery rehabilitation
Pelvic stability and hip pain
Balance issues


Reformer Pilates 

Studio Pilates - Dreams don't work unless you do

Dynamic, fun and challenging workout that targets the whole body through controlled movement focusing on strengthening and lengthening those stabilising muscles, improve posture and flexibility The progression of exercises will challenge you and your coordination and leaving you with a burn you will feel tomorrow with nothing to do but smile about it.

Here the tempo is moderate and the class has flow. We’re building on the basics and beginning those intermediate exercises, with modifications if needed of course. Those repetitions will increase, those combinations will expand and those dynamic movements will come to play. The progression of exercises will challenge you and your coordination and will leave you with that burn you will feel tomorrow. A combination of TBM’s large equipment and small apparatuses will ensure you’ll never get bored.

Pace: Moderate

Prerequisite: General good health, free of injury and welcome women during first trimester with GP clearance.


Stretch, roll + release

The Stretch - Bend so you don't break

Think less. Feel more. Stretch and lengthen your muscles and allow your body to be taken through a fluid sequence of elongation. Dynamic and static stretches will encourage you lengthen and loosen those tight muscles that can cause pain and discomfort. It’s not about being good at something, it’s about being good to yourself.

Release muscular tension and improve your muscle tone with our stretch, roll and release class. This class incorporates the reformer, foam roller and pressure point balls used for both stretching and compression. This class will challenge you both mentally and physically to release those unwanted areas of tightness, tension and stiffness. You will leave this 50 minute class feeling longer and at ease within your body straight away.

Pace: Slow

Prerequisite: General good health, free of injury and welcome women during first trimester with GP clearance.


mums + bubs reformer

This class is designed for new mums with their bubs. Developed around our beginner program but with bub friendly moves. This class not only welcomes the little ones but encourages you to bring them along. These classes are designed to alleviate and prevent lower back pain, improve posture, strengthen the weakened abdominal muscles and improve coordination. These classes are supportive, nourishing for the healing body and a beautiful way to indulge in a little self love! 

Pace: Slow to Moderate

Prerequisite: General good health, free of injury and have  GP clearance.

For the new mummies; Mums and Bubs is your opportunity to stay connected with your changing body. You are able to join this class if you have been cleared by your doctor at you 6 or 8 (caesarean) week checkup.



Our highly qualified and highly experienced resident physiotherapist is a welcomed complimentary service to our Tugun Studio. Having an in-house physiotherapist in our Tugun Studio means your individual needs can be treated, then followed up and maintained with our clinical / semi-private Pilates classes. 

  • Womens health

  • Sprains and strains

  • Sciatica

  • Knee, shoulder, back, hip, ankle pain

  • Bursitis

  • Post surgical

  • Sports injuries

  • Chronic pain



Tight, sore or just need to a moment to relax? We use massage as a form to help the body and the mind. Our remedial massage services are specific for preventative, corrective, rehabilitative treatment of injuries, dysfunction and postural issues. We also offer the following massage services: 

  • Remedial Massage

  • Relaxation / Swedish Massage

  • Deep tissue / Sports Massage

  • Cupping

  • Pregnancy Massage (once past the first trimester)

  • Head, Back + Shoulder Massage